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  • Will work in a 78 inch aisle
  • Will unload your trailers
  • 5 years or 5,000 hours parts warranty
  • From trailer to VNA rack with one truck
  • Up to 50 % more storage
  • Eliminates double handling
  • Eliminates staging area
  • One truck for all of your needs
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  • Articulating

Electric or LPG power 3300 lbs and 4400 lbs capacities

Maximise storage space and enjoy the following benefits:

The versatile Aisle-Master Very Narrow Aisle articulated forklift has been designed to replace a number of other forklifts for more efficient offloading, handling and storage. It works as a counterbalance truck for offloading in the yard, and operates in very narrow aisles in the warehouse, replacing reach trucks which need much greater working areas. Using the one truck also increases productivity as it eliminates time consuming double handling and speeds up "truck to rack" operations.

The articulated design offers unbeatable manoeuvrability, providing faster load cycle times and reduced driver fatigue.

Superior visibility over other lift trucks ensures better placement accuracy, quicker picking and less product damage.

The Aisle-Master has been designed to maintain optimum stability when fully articulated, ensuring operator safety without compromising on lift height.


Aisle Master Increasing storage. Reducing costs.

"With conventional forklifts we didn’t have the space to store long load products. This forced us to stack multiple loads on top of each other which caused the load to become unstable and unsafe. With Combilift we have narrowed our aisles and gave ourselves the extra storage capacity that we needed."

Ian B. of Bauman sawmills

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"I was looking for a quality used forklift for our warehouse and everywhere else I called the prices were too high but these guys had a whole selection of trucks that fit our specifications at a great price."

Alex Hunt, Toronto

"Very flexible and easy to deal with. They actually helped us choose a forklift that was ideal for the job and even cheaper than our budget. Highly recommended!"

Dave Sultana, Mississauga

"This is our 3rd forklift truck purchase from here and we couldn't be happier with price and selection. They have something for everyone and always go the extra mile to make sure everything is perfect."

Sirish Chunara, Brampton

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Your information is secure. We will never sell or disclose it to any third party.